JavaScript your WebControls

I recently ran into an issue recently where I needed to get javascript access to controls that were created programatically to my WebControl/WebPart.  I passed the control’s ID to the javascript function, which was rendered as the page was rendered, but was still not able to get access to the control.  When I looked at the HTML rendering of the page I found that the ID of the control, when I requested it from within my C# code was not the same as what the webpart rendered in the HTML. 


Because the webpart class implents the INamingContainer interface all of its controls are added to the page with IDs that include namespacing from the INamingContainer interface.  This can be a major pain to get around, but there is a very simple resolution. 


By adding:


myControl.Attributes.Add("ID", myControl.ClientID);


I was able to override the INamingContainer’s ID attribute and use the ClientID I was expecting.