Troubles with TFS

I recently inherited a project from a fellow ML developer who had been having issues getting the project checked into source code.  I attempted checking the code in myselft and received the following error:


The project cannot be added to source control because it overlaps a project that is already bound to source control at a lower root.


A little research and here is what I found was the issue.  The solution contained two projects, one a Library and the other a WebPart.  The solution referenced the WebPart’s Assembly Key, the key used to sign the assembly, as a solution item.  When Visual Studio attempted to check the code into Source Control through TFS Team Explorer the error would occur.  This is because Team Explorer was trying to check in the Solution Items as thought they were physically located in the solution folder.  Because the key was actually located in the project then the check in failed. 


I resolved this issue as removing the key as a solution item, infact I removed all solution items, and then attempted to check in the code.  This time the check in went successfully, thus as a word to the wise make sure your solution items are physically located in the solution folder and not referenced from sub projects.

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