OneNote 2007

I have been working on blogging more regularly and ran into the issue that my company, MicroLink LLC (, as part of our internal portal has blogging enabled in our MySite spaces. However, the MySite locations are internally accessable and I really wanted a publicly accessable site that I could use to provide information for some of our customers, and CodePlex users. Thus I created a Live Space site ( and even began using the Live Writer for my blogging. I really liked the Live Writer application, but still needed the ability to publish to my internal MySite blog. Given that I had MS Word 2007 I began using that to compose my blogs and then publish to multiple blog site, good so far. Then I began to realize I needed some method to keep these items organized and also wanted a way to get rid of all the little post-it notes on my desk and scratch pieces of paper where my notes were stored.


Enter OneNote 2007


Thanks to one of my coworkers I installed OneNote2007 and began using it, in fact I am using it right now to compose this blog. Only 2 days into real use of OneNote and I have found so much value. I now open OneNote at the beginning of my day and never pick up a pen or pencil the entire day. Reorganizing the notes is easy, write anywhere on the “page” you want, I am hooked. The other great feature is the integrated search, no more looking through dozens of word, powerpoint, excel documents, OneNote has it and can find it.


Blogging is also made easy, just send your OneNote page to a blog, which actually opens MSWord 2007 and publish.


Coolest Feature


I have found that the coolest feature in OneNote is pasting from a web site. I have a ton of notes about how to resolve this issue or that issue, but I can never seem to find the site where it was originally posted. With one note after copying the text from the website when I paste it in I automatically get a reference link to the site where I copied it from! You just can’t beat that (forget sliced bread).

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