A simple trip into the Visual Studio 2008 Item Template Area

I recently ran across a very well done video, except the developer was using VB and I’m a C# person, about how to create your own Visual Studio 2008 Item Templates. After watching the video I decided to play around with the StsDev2008 projects and see if I could create a series of item templates for each of the special projects that get created.


My first attempt was to create a SharePoint Feature Receiver. This is simple enough to program, but I’m often copying the same code snippet:

SPWebApplication webApp = null;


If(properties.Feature.Parent is SPSite)



Else if(Properties.Feature.Parent is SPWebApplication)




Foreach(SPWebConfigModification mod in CreateConfigModifications())


//Add or Remove based on whether this is the Activated or DeActivated function






Instead I wanted my FeatureReceiver to always have this code in place and then all I would have to do is implement the CreateConfigModifications function.


I began by creating my StsDev2008 Simple Feature Project and selected one of the deployment locations (not really important where it was going to since this is just an item template) and I also made sure I had the Include Feature Receiver checked. I then added the custom code (shown above) into the FeatureActivated and FeatureDeactivated functions. Then I created a shell function for the CreateConfigModifications with a List<SPWebConfigModfication> which is created and returned.


Next I changed the namespace that was provided to $rootnamespace$ which is a Visual Studio Item Template Replacement Macro. The $rootnamespace$ will be replaced when the user creates the new item with the project’s namespace.


Next I changed the class name to $safeitemname$ which will be replaced with the name the user specifies when they create a new object.


Finally I used the Export Wizard as described in the video to export the project. After the export wizard was complete I tried the Add Item option on the project, and there was my new SharePointFeatureReceiver item.

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