SharePoint 2010, or 14 Authentication Revealed

As the SharePoint conference approaches, October this year, we are beginning to look to the next generation of SharePoint and what it will provide and how it will work. Although this is an older article, 10/2007, as we look forward this is going to be a critical change for us to deal with. Microsoft has announced that SharePoint will use “Claims-based authentication” in the next version. This should really not be that surprising, as I have worked with many of their identity and lifecycle professionals they have often pushed away from Active Directory Domain Trusts and encouraged AD Federation, AKA claims-based authentication.
Now we look to SharePoint 2010 to be the next system using essentially Federation of user accounts to perform security activities. The one key thing I will be looking for at the conference is if the Client Integration capability which falls away with SharePoint 2007 through Federated Services is still available in 2010.

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