Windows 7 Simplifies the Versions

I wrote a while ago about doing some testing with Windows 7 Beta and how I was excited about the new features, interface, etc.  I also expressed a concern as many other did about the “Versions” of Windows 7 Microsoft may make available.  Well, it looks like someone in Redmond was listening, maybe not to be but they did hear the Windows community, and they have now announced ONLY THREE versions of Windows 7.

  1. Windows 7 Home Premium
  2. Windows 7 Professional
  3. Windows 7 Ultimate

Microsoft also solved a lot of complaint about Vista by basically “layering” these versions so users don’t have to worry about functionality tradeoffs between versions.  Now if you buy Professional, you have essentially bought Home Premium + some important business stuff (domain participation, network share backup, etc) and when you buy Ultimate you have Home Premium + Professional + some other stuff.

So today I encourage everyone to rejoice in the joy, warm sun shine, rainbows, and unicorns and sing out “HAPPY DAY, only three versions of Windows 7.  Now we really CAN pick a version of Windows we want to upgrade our XP boxes to.”

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