My Stolen Credit Card

I recently received a herbal supplement in the mail, one which I did not order, so I decided to call the company and find out why I was the “lucky” recipient of this product.  

When an operator answered the phone she asked me how I liked the product so far?  I told her I had not tried it yet and I was a bit surprised to receive it and to what I owed the honor?  She seemed a bit shocked, and I started to get a bit worried at this point, especially when she asked “Are you sure you didn’t order this?”.  I wrapped up the call with the operator by getting the last four digits of the credit card, my credit card, that had been used to order the product as well as the phone number and e-mail address used. 

Next I called my bank, who issued the card, and informed them of the card being compromised and a total of four charges that had been made using my card.  The bank, USAA, immediately terminated the card and rejected the transactions.

Funny thing in all of this was that I received the purchases someone else made at my home address…

Aren’t identity theft criminals supposed to be able to navigate the underbelly of the internet and allude detection as well as police?  Guess not, proof only the criminals we see on TV in shows like CSI, NCIS, etc are intelligent.

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