David McWee Selfie I work at Microsoft as a FastTrack Product Specialist (FPS) with a focus on Security & Compliance solutions, and a lot of the posts here are based on experiences with my customers. Everything here is my own personal opinion, recommendations, etc. and should not be confused with official guidance from Microsoft.

I began working on SharePoint platforms in early 2006, and specialize in Identity to support access to portals from by external users and organizations. I have implemented Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Azure Active Directory Integration, and more recently OAuth implementations to support distributed authentication providers.

Today I focus mostly on Microsoft’s security solutions, and I’m currently working towards a Masters Degree from SANS University. I’m a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH 2019) as well as maintain my Security+ certification, and I’ve recently been fortunate enough to get to participate as a Moderator for serveal SANS courses.

I’ve reached the 20-year mark in my career and the journey has been wide ranging and interesting. I began in Software testing not realizing that what I was actually doing and finding would eventually fall into the security vulnerability categories (buffer overflow, malformed packets, etc.). I later moved on to being a developer, a developer team lead, a small start-up that was bought, and eventually I arrived at Microsoft about 7 years ago and I’ve been a Consultant, a Technical Seller, and now an FPS. My career has spanned a variety of environments from Public Sector to Private Sector, Military to Civilian, and Mainframes to Mobile Devices. No matter what, I have always been and remain curious about technologies. I experiment a lot, play a lot, and break stuff (A LOT) but that keeps me engaged and interested.

Social Media

I can be found on Social Media, although much less lately. I post on Mastodon mostly, enjoy Dad Joke Videos and Travel Pictures (I love traveling) on Instagram, and still have a Twitter account that I’ll check in on from time to time.