To support the Point-to-Site VPN a root and child certificate is needed for authentication. Use the following steps to generate the certificate.

Note: The script is unsigned so you will need to run this in an environment that allows for unsigned script execution.

  1. Download the New-P2SCertificate.ps1 script to your machine
  2. Run:

     ps:> New-P2SCertificate.ps1 [optional: -RootCertCN myrootcert] [optional: -ChildCertCN mychildcert] [optional: -CertOutputFile pubrootcert.txt]
  3. Copy the output in the terminal, or the output in the txt file generated and provide this as the gatewayRootCert parameter in the lab provisioning process or in the Gateway’s Settings (post provisioning).
  4. After the Root Certificate has been applied to the gateway’s configuration go to the Point-to-Site Configuration and choose Download VPN client
  5. Extract the file from the downloaded Zip and install the appropriate VPN agent (typically WindowsAmd64)