MDE Exclusion Checker Go-Live

MDE Exclusion Checker is a tool to compare existing AV Exclusions against the list of exclusions that are native to Defender for Endpoint AntiVirus, and is now live!

Migrating to Defender AV

Migrating from one AV provider to another can be a pain and often includes significant administrative overhead as the need to review exclusions, configurations, etc. all demand human time and commitment.

About MDE Exclusion Checker

MDE Exclusion Checker is an Excel Add-In that you can add to Microsoft Excel in the web or locally. This tool reviews the selected list of AV Exclusion paths and files against the published list of native exclusions in MDE found here.

Get Started

The instuctions for how to get started using MDE Exclusion Tracker are located here.

Sharing is Caring

If you find issues or believe there is a problem with the MDE Exclusion Checker please provide feedback! This tool and its code is openly available on GitHub and I will be happy to accept any issues or updates from the community.

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